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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Micheal Jackson

Well, I am writing this not because I am obsessed with Micheal Jackson, or even that I have heard all of his music. To be honest, I do not think that I have ever owned a single song that he has sung, but due to his popularity, I know many of them. And I must admit that I do love his music and his dancing, I get joy when I hear it and watch his amazing ability. Watching his memorial service his producer Gordy spoke and stated that "He was simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived." I agree that much of that is true. I remember watching the 3D 'Captain EO' at Disneyland when I was younger, and learning that so many songs I know were sung by him.

The majority of my life Micheal has a had a bad reputation and all that I heard was the 'Wacko Jacko' stuff about being a child molester, changing his appearance through surgery and wanting to be 'white'. I agree that he has done many things that I do not really approve of, and yes he was a little crazy, but considering his childhood and life, I am not surprised. He grew up in the spotlight and was abused as a child, with a history like that could you really expect him to be 'normal?' I later learned that he had vitiligo and lupus which are skin and immune system disorders which is the cause of his skin turning white. He also had many other health problems that added to his strange appearance from eating disorders and sickness (as well as two rhinoplasties and a cleft chin).

One thing I can say, is that he has changed the world of music and dance in so many ways and I believe that he has influenced the world, for good or bad. He truly seemed to love his children, and enjoyed being a father probably as much as he loved being and entertainer. It is sad that so much speculation has come about with his death, and regardless of how he died on June 25, 2009, I feel sorry for his children and his family who will go on without him. One thing is for sure, the King of Pop will never die and his story will live on forever.

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