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We met in April of 2008 at BYU-Idaho. 4 months later we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on August 22, 2008. We moved to Colorado in June of 2010, bought our first house there in 2013. And now we have moved to Las Vegas, NV to start our next adventure. We have two active boys with a little girl on the way!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Well, we made it to see the movie the Saturday after it came out. We left Gavin with a babysitter, for only the 2nd time. (well, family has watched him a few times but that's it.) And at first Zac said he was going to stay home and watch Gavin and I could go with our friends. He really doesn't like the idea of the added cost to date nights when you add a sitter. Which is the reason why we NEVER go on dates. Anyway, I got him to come and it was SO fun! I made simple ties for everyone that were yellow and red for Gryffindor colors. And then we played trivia while we waited for the movie and then enjoyed the last of the Harry Potter series. I finished the book a few days before and it probably wasn't a great idea, because I was a little frustrated everytime they changed something. But I really was very happy with movie, and happy that I was able to enjoy it with Zac. It ended up being a busy day so by the time we got home at 10pm we were definitely exhausted. I am grateful to our friends who made it possible for us all to see the movie together. There were 8 of us altogether and we wished Alana could have been there, but movies with friends are great!

Here we are waiting to go in the theater. Alexandria went really early to make sure we were able to get seats together. We were one of the first inside the theater so we were dead center it was GREAT!
Zac and I waiting for the movie. The seats were nice, but definitely not for short people. If I was any shorter I wouldn't have been able to see over the seat in front of me.

For a quick update on Gavin. He is really enjoying the summer, mostly because of swimming. We recently bought him a life jacket so that he could be a little more independent in the pool. The first time he hated it, and now he LOVES it. He swims/bobs all over the pool and loves the freedom. He does go face down everyone once in a while but overall he's happy. I have been giving him a little more freedom to see what he can do, but I am never more than 10 feet away. He is also saying so many words and a few phrases now which is really fun. He loves to say Awesome!, Oh No!, Uh-Oh, Grandma, a mess, and a lot of others. He also tells us most of the time when he needs a diaper change now. Hopefully that means that potty-training isn't too far off, although I am dreading it.

AND, my brother comes home from his mission on August 17th and I can't wait to see him!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Harry Potter, what can I say? I decided a few months back that I wanted to read the entire series over again before the last movie comes out this weekend. We are going with a group of friends on Saturday evening, and I JUST finished. I cried off and on from the end of the sixth book to the end of the seventh. And everytime I see a trailer or pictures from the last movie I get teary. It seems so silly, that a fictional book-series can consume so much of my life. My family has been quite neglected over the past two months, as I have spent any time that I could reading. Zac kept saying how much happier he was going to be once I finished the series.
But as I read the last book in about 3 days, it made me sad. I didn't want to stop reading, but I didn't want it to end either! Do you get that way? When you see the end of something really good coming up, and wish it would just stop? Like the end of a book, or the end of a bowl of REALLY good ice cream :)? I physically get a little depressed, not in a bad way. But I LOVE that this is a series that I can read over and over and over again and NEVER get bored.

We have all of the movies and I have watched each one as I finished it's book to compare the differences. I am excited to have children that I can read the series too as a family, you know in like 6 or 7 years when Gavin will actually be interested.

But I just want to say Thank You to J.K. Rowling for giving the world such a WONDERFUL book series. Seriously, I think that it has changed my life. Reading is such a healthy pass-time (When our families are not neglected because of it), and it is SO great to be able to read something that gives you so much joy. I LOVE the Harry Potter Series! I don't think I will ever come across another series that I enjoy this much. They way she writes is perfect, always! I enjoy other series like the Hunger Games and Twilight, but to me it is NOTHING compared to Harry Potter!

It is like reading the scriptures, and allowing yourself to be engrossed in the story and understand why these scriptures are written for us! I have recently become SO much better in my personal scripture study as I have tried to always make sure that is accomplished as well. I think that reading is something that you have to learn in a way, and the more you do it the easier it is. Just like reading the scriptures, the more that I do it, the easier they are to understand and the stronger desire I have to read them.

I am SO ready to watch the movie. I am compiling a set of trivia questions that we are going to play while we wait for the movie, if anyone would like it, leave me a comment and I will attach it, so you can use it as well.

I hope everyone gets a chance to see the movie, I KNOW it will be great! Come on, have you not read the 7th book? :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

June & The 4th

On my birthday we headed over to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch after some shopping.

Then we went back home to get ready for my party. We had Sweet Pork Tacos with Cilantro Lime Coleslaw from Make and Love It. Seriously THE best tacos, I LOVE them! We played a few games and had brownie sundaes.
This is just to show one of my birthday presents. It is a belly dance scarf, but I wear it at Zumba. Most everyone in the class wears one, and at first I thought they were silly, but they really make you work a lot harder, plus they are not that expensive and I LOVE it. You wouldn't believe how much I sweat when I work out, it is actually really embarrassing, but hey I guess I am burning more calories. :)
Gavin went to his first movie. We went and saw Cars 2 last week. He did a really great job until about the last 20 minutes of the show. But he loves Cars especially MaeMae (Mater) and Queen (McQueen). I love that I get to spend all day hanging out with him.
I also made my first attempt at homemade strawberry jam. Zac thought it was a silly idea, but it really is satisfying to know that I did it myself.
On Saturday we headed to the Zoo early in the morning. We usually go during the week, so Zac never gets to come. Gavin loved having Zac there and I think they both enjoyed it. We arrived just after they opened, which was nice because so many of the animals were active, which we don't usually see.
These two really are the best buds, and I just love it!
I ended up getting a call last Friday night to teach Relief Society on Sunday. I really only had Saturday to prepare, but I think everything went well. It really made me miss teaching, but I am glad that I can help. I have also subbed in Nursery a few times which may or may not help Gavin. He seems to do fine during nursery, but it is the leaving and picking up part we are still struggling with. :)
On the 4th I started out the day with Zumba and then in the afternoon we had a BBQ with our friends and then we went to the fireworks together. It was SO hot during the BBQ, but after a while the clouds came out and it was fine. I made Asian BBQ Chicken from Out Best Bites and it was SO good! I also made some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and blue sprinkles. And then we made our own ice cream as we sat waiting for the fireworks. I must admit, they were NOTHING compared to Idaho Falls, but the show was about 30min so we can't complain.
Here are the girls: Me, Rachel, Alexandria and Alana. I am so grateful that we have such wonderful friends. It makes holidays without family so much easier!