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We met in April of 2008 at BYU-Idaho. 4 months later we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on August 22, 2008. We moved to Colorado in June of 2010, bought our first house there in 2013. And now we have moved to Las Vegas, NV to start our next adventure. We have two active boys with a little girl on the way!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Aside from Zac having to work on Saturday, we enjoyed the time we had together.
On Saturday Gavin and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt with some families in our ward. We gave 15 eggs for each child that we had and then one of the families went earlier to hide them. There were probably 20 or so kids there. And we just went to a small park. Gavin didn't really care to find anymore once he had one in each hand, so I literally had to drag him around the park to look for more. It took us quite a while to get our 15, but he was sure excited when he realized there was candy inside. Each family brought something to share for a luncheon afterwards and it was a lot of fun. I am truly grateful to the families that were willing to set this up! :)

He really only cared about the sticks while we were waiting to start the Easter Egg hunt.
You can see what I mean by dragging Gavin around. Yes, that is a leash or more specifically called a Harness Buddy. Best. Investment. EVER. You may think this is cruel. But I don't care. When your 17 month old child runs away from you in the mall and out into the parking lot to get rocks, etc, etc. You have no choice. And I have had far too many experiences worrying about him. Plus Gavin and I will be traveling to see my Mom in a few weeks and there is no way I would make it through the airport without this. Anyways, better safe than sorry in my opinion.
We were able to go to a free-day at the Botanic Gardens on Friday and of course I took the leash. Or Bo-Bo as we call it. Many of the older adults thought that it was such a good idea. Apparently they had never seen them before. Gavin does get a little frustrated when we cannot run away as far as he hopes, but for the most part it works out really well.
Saturday evening we had a BBQ for my friend Alana's birthday. She is the one in our group of friends closest to my age, and it was fun to hang out with everyone. The weather was a little windy for the most part, but the sun kept coming out every little bit. We eventually moved it inside when the sun started to go down because it was just too cold.
On Sunday I had to be at church early to warm up for the choir before we sang in Sacrament Meeting. The hard part was that we have all been sick for over a week. Gavin got over it first, and it has just held on for Zac and I. Mostly just fever, sore throats, runny noses, that sort. Zac woke up miserable on Sunday, and I just felt stomach flu sick. So I went to church and came back to get Zac and Gavin just for Sacrament Meeting. We were able to hear some wonderful talks about the Savior for Easter Sunday and the choir sang This Is the Christ. I wish that I could say that I enjoy my calling more, it's not that I don't like it, it is just a VERY stressful calling. But, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to share music.

I wish I could say that we had an amazing Easter dinner. But, it just isn't true. I thought about it, but knowing only two of us would really eat it, I decided not to. And good thing too, because I was not up for all that cooking. So we had a simple dinner and while it was cooking I set up an Easter Egg hunt around the house. Zac was able to help Gavin find all the eggs, and I think they both enjoyed it. I love watching them interact together. I have all of Gavin's candy in the closet so that he can't get it. Because he would probably eat it all in a day if he could. With the wrappers still on the candy too. :) So I will just give him a little each day so that he doesn't expect to eat it all day long.

And that's about it. Gavin and I go to playgroup and story hour at the library each week. I have decided to try and read the entire Harry Potter series before the last movie comes out. I forgot how much I LOVE those books. I become so absorbed in the world that J.K. Rowling creates, and I am really sad that series is over. But at least I can read them over and over again. I have also convinced :) three of my friends to join me at Zumba. I hope they are enjoying it, but I am pretty much addicted so my opinion is probably biased. But I love having friends to go with.
Zac has been given some tougher, more complicated responsibilities at work, so he is learning a lot of new things right now, but he still enjoys it.

And here is a picture of a dress that I made. It has taken me a while to finish because I do not have a lot of time to sew, and it is not perfect, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

And more importantly. Gavin slept through the night EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. last week. He started doing about every other night for about two weeks before that. Hopefully we don't jinx it and it sticks. But we are SO grateful that he has discovered sleep. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Pictures

Everyone that was there on the Bride's side. The entire Barrus Family! The Bridal Party. Everyone is family, brothers, sisters, and in-laws. Bridesmaids.

All of the Barrus side siblings.

I just think that this is so funny. :)

Such a cute couple.

Tiffany's dress was gorgeous!

We took this picture to show Gavin's outfit off a little better. He wore it to church on Sunday and just about every person commented on how cute he looked.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Where have we been?

Well, I will tell you. We have been in Idaho. Certainly not for the last month, that I haven't posted, but we were gone for 9 days. Because we were able to see a super cute couple sealed for time and all eternity. Zac's youngest sister Tiffany is now Tiffany Barrus Riggs and I cannot believe it. Tiffany and Kellan met shortly after we moved last year and were engaged a few days before Christmas. We are so excited for them and their journey as they start their lives together.

It has been so long since we have had a wedding on either side of the family(well, since we were married 2 1/2 years ago), so we were really excited. I think that everyone was dying to see us, just so that they could see Gavin and how much he has grown. I really wish that we were closer to family as Gavin is changing so much all the time, but that's ok. Gavin loved Grandma and Grandpa's house, and I can tell that he misses everyone. The day after we got home, he woke up from his nap and the first words he said were, Bo-Bo. Zac's family dog is named Bo, and that was the first word that he learned, when he got there. He now calls every single dog that we see Bo-Bo. Which is really funny, but confusing to everyone else. Anyway each morning he would wake up and we would ask him if he wanted to find Bo-Bo and he was so excited to get out of bed. So it was really cute that he missed Bo that much. I don't know how long we are going to be able to go without a dog, but I still say we need a house first. :)

The week was filled with fun, as we enjoyed time together with Zac's family. On friday we set up for the reception and family arrived. The girls went out to lunch and gave Tiffany gifts and then we had dinner at the house of yummy sweet pork tacos. After dinner we had a party celebrating Tiffany. We had about 20 family members including siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We played a few games, including this really fun one. Amanda has the pictures, so I will post some when I get them. After games we had dessert, and everyone shared a memory or story about Tiffany.

Manicures and pedicures. Wow, that was interesting experience. :) More else, interesting conversations with the asians doing our nails.

On our way to lunch at Olive Garden. I told Tiffany to sit in the front seat, but she said it felt more like a limo in the back, haha, silly girl. In front are Holly and Heather to two cousins closest in age to Amanda and Tiffany on the Warner side.

Opening our gifts. I am not sure that Amanda is quite ready to lose her sister to Kellan. It is definitely a change when your siblings get married, especially when you are as close as these two. Holly and Heather gave a "How NOT to get pregnant kit!" Haha, SOOOO funny. Included things like cheetos, a can of beans, jerky, etc. All things that make you less, ummm....desireable?, to your spouse. :)

Saturday was the big day, and it was such a wonderful experience to be in that sealing room. I loved remembering the day Zac and I were sealed, and listening to those promises again. I am so grateful for the gospel and the opportunity that I have to be sealed to Zac for eternity! He definitely makes my life complete, and I cannot imagine life without him.

Here is my cute boy in his suspenders and bow tie. This was the end of the reception, so don't judge the untucked shirt and lack of shoes. He was definitely the cutest little boy in the wedding, he was also the only child on either side, so that helped. I didn't get any pictures on my camera of how beautiful Tiffany looked in her dress. I was too busy with the video camera and Gavin so I will have to put some up when I get access to them. Her dress was truly gorgeous!

Tiffany and Kellan looked so happy and in love, just they way it should be. Welcome to the family Kellan, it is a great one to be a part of!

That is Bailey, Zac's cousin's daughter. She is SO cute and was the biggest help with Gavin while she was there. We appreciate her so much. She would chase Gavin around and play with him all the time. Gavin was entertained with pounding on the coolers for a good 10 minutes. You can also see his "YAY" that he frequently does whenever he is excited or proud of himself.