Wednesday, September 12, 2012

July and August

We have been having a busy Summer......and now it's over and I am still busy. Although, I probably make myself busy so I can't complain too much. I thought about just skipping the last two months and starting off in September, but I figured I can show a little.

I have been teaching Zumba classes at the church twice a week. I figured this way I can get better at being an instructor and work my library of songs before I start a paid class. I have also been trying to sub classes when I can to make some money to pay for my membership as an instructor. I really love Zumba and I enjoy the classes at church, but Zac worries that I am doing too much and taking time away from the kids. So I will probably go back to just one class a week, not to mention I am now the 2nd Counselor in the RS Presidency. I am so excited for this new calling, and to get to know the women in the ward better. I have definitely missed it while I have been in Nursery.

The beginning of July we of course celebrated the 4th. We were able to go up to the Palmer's new house and have a BBQ and watch the fireworks out there. It was a lot of fun to get out of the city spend time with them. I am always so grateful for the wonderful friends we have.

By the way, Wesley spit up on my leg, in case you were wondering.

Then on August 10th Alexandria had her baby, Adelena Noelle Palmer. We are so excited for the Palmer family and their new adventure.

Wesley also turned 4 months in August and he was 19lbs. 11oz. He hadn't eaten in like 5 hours so I don't really count it. I definitely think he is over 20 lbs., but it brought him back down so that he was actually touching the top of the growth chart instead of above it. :)
Gavin is a wonderful big brother, although a little too rough sometimes. Surprisingly Wesley doesn't mind it most of the time. I think he is going to have to be tough to hangout with Gavin. He sits(lays) and watches him play the iPad and wants to be where ever Gavin is. They are so fun but I am worried about the trouble they are going to get in next year. I think I have my hands full now, I am pretty sure I have a lot of future messes to clean up.

Zac and I also celebrated our 4th Anniversary and went out to Rodizio Grill. Zac loved the meat and I love the grilled pineapple so we both went away happy. Mostly I just love getting to spend one on one time with my best friend and the love of my life. He still makes my heart melt, and I couldn't have asked for someone better. He is the most amazing man I know and I am so lucky to be married to him for eternity.

A quick picture from Rachel's birthday. I think we could the Avenger's a run for their money. 
Avenger's Assemble!

The end of August we went to Ely for Trevor's Mission Farewell. He gave a wonderful talk on Sunday. I looked over and say my Dad and Grandpa wiping away the tears. I can't imagine how it must feel to see your posterity build their own testimonies and progress in the gospel. Even as Gavin learns that Jesus lives at the temple or who Joseph Smith is, it makes me emotional. Elder Jones is definitely as prepared as he can be and will spend 8 weeks in the MTC before he leaves for Tampico, Mexico. I am so proud of him and I know he will bless the lives of so many as he shares the gospel and his testimony.

Now we are just waiting for the fall weather to kick in and the leaves to change. We are kind of tired of 90+ degree weather. Football season has started and Zac is excited to watch Peyton play in the Mile High City. Looks like we are going to have to get some number 18 t-shirts. We hope you are all enjoying the new school year and looking forward to Halloween in 6 weeks. I know I am. :)