Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Exhausted...and Excited

Well, we are both exhausted! Zac has been falling asleep around 7 or 8 lately because we are so sleep deprived. Gavin has been pretty naughty when it comes to bedtime, for over a week straight he would not go to bed until after 1am, some days it was as far as 4am. Which leaves for some pretty tired parents. The other night he would NOT go to sleep and by 3:30 I was so exhausted and frustrated that I sat there crying on the couch. Zac came out and took him for awhile so that I could go to bed, but then I just felt like a bad Mom because I just wanted to sleep instead of hold my baby :(. But I do love him very much and my life has never been happier than it is now with Zac and Gavin in my life.
Well, I am officially done with school FOREVER! Ok, maybe not, but I would like to think that I am done forever. Maybe in like 20 years or something I will get my masters, but I am not planning on it. I am now Chelsea Barrus RN/BSN. Zac is almost done, he just has two days left and then graduation is this weekend. I feel so blessed that I will get to share this experience with my husband and we are excited for what the future holds. I know that the last few weeks have been stressful, but I am so proud of my husband and the hard work that he has put into his education, he is AMAZING and I am always so proud of him.

We are also blessing Gavin this weekend and I am so excited. I don't know if most moms are excited about this, but I really am. We are also moving at the end of the month, just two blocks away but we are excited for the extra room now that we have a baby.

And Christmas is only 10 days away, and we have only bought one present, and it is not even for us. Sad huh? I am learning how hard it is to get things done with a new baby. Especially when you are breastfeeding and your child likes to eat like every hour when he is awake. I am lucky to shower each day. The house always seems dirty and the dishes are never done, but oh well.

I was laying on the couch playing with Gavin today and it hit me that I will not have as much time to 'bond' with any of my other children. Because he is the only one right now, I can spend my time holding him and kissing every inch of him. I feel blessed to have the time right now to just be a Mom and I am so in LOVE with motherhood. It truly is the greatest blessing in the world, and I feel like Christmas came early. This is the greatest gift that I could ever be given, and I am grateful that the Savior has given me this opportunity as well as Zac giving me this opportunity.
My sweet baby.