Friday, March 2, 2012


I have been meaning to post for weeks, but I have also been meaning to take a pregnancy picture which is why I haven't posted. So I took one yesterday and now I can finally play catch up for the month of february.

Well the month started off with a HUGE snowstorm. And I mean HUGE! We had 18inches in about 36 hours or so and it just snowed nonstop from Thursday night to and all through Friday. Even Zac had work cancelled because of the weather, which has never happened before. It was nice to have him home for the day, but we definitely had cabin fever. And of course we had my friends baby shower planned for Saturday morning after the storm. What could we do? We hoped some people would venture out, and luckily we had a perfect turn out. Thanks to all who came, I know Alana appreciated it! We had a brunch shower with make your own yogurt parfaits, bagels and cream cheese, juice and for the dessert.....cinnamon roll cupcakes. Perfect for a brunch shower right?!? I will be posting the recipe soon on my food blog.

I did the decorations so I decided to make my gift a decoration as well. I know that people love diaper cakes, but when I had my shower for Gavin, my good friend made me a diaper motorcycle so I thought I would do something along those line. I made her a diaper tricycle. I think that it turned out really cute. Tutorial found here through pinterest of course. :)

Then on Sunday we had a Superbowl Party/Birthday Party for Zac. I know it is Sunday but it is mostly just so that I can make a cake for Zac's birthday and not have to eat the entire thing ourselves. I was really worried about parking for everyone because of all the leftover snow from the storm but it was ok. I made these Hawaiian Sweet Roll Ham Sammies that were SO good. The recipe is also found on my food blog.

Zac's birthday was on Wednesday the 8th and we went to Red Robin for dinner. I gave him some video games for the Wii and I hope that he enjoyed his birthday. I always love a day when I get to celebrate my husband.
Enjoying Zac's birthday Sundae

Of course the next week was Valentine's. I planned a family dinner for Tuesday with Salad, Chicken Cor Don Bleu and Chocolate Covered Strawberries. I gave Zac a card and some chocolates and Gavin got a box of chocolates as well. Zac gave me flowers and a big box of chocolates too. It was nice night. But, of course Zac came home with some exciting news, he was going to be working later nights and over the weekend for the next week or two. We were supposed to have our Date Night for Valentine's the next day so that got put on hold. I was a little disappointed, we rarely go out just the two of us, and I was really looking forward to it. But no worries we were able to go on the 28th and had a great night out. We went to Outback for Zac's first time. I commented that this would probably be our last date night as parents of one. He asked if the hospital counted. I said NO! While I am in labor does not count as a date. :)

We have had some exciting news this month! Zac has been promoted to Senior Accountant which comes with a raise! I am SO proud of him and I know that he deserves it. They have been trying to fill the position for a while and wanted someone with 3 years experience. Zac has half of that, but they gave it to him anyways. I know that his managers think very highly of him, and for good reason, he is a very hard worker. Great timing on the raise, just before you have baby. On another note, we finished paying off our student loans this month! Yay! Now we can start saving for a house!

 Well, I am 34 weeks now and this is what I am carrying around.
In comparison, this was 32 weeks with Gavin.

Someone gave me a really nice compliment today. I was in Kohls and I turned around and she said, "Wow, I wouldn't even know you were pregnant if I didn't see your belly, you look so good. And you are pretty far along too aren't you." That made me feel good, maybe I don't look as huge as I feel. I am still going to a Zumba class once a week and then I workout at home the rest of the time. But man, I can't even look in the mirror when I work out anymore. I look ridculous! I don't know how anyone can look at me and keep a stright face. It is pretty hilarious. On the positive side I feel a lot healthier this pregnancy and most days I have energy. I still have morning sickness most days but I haven't thrown up from it in the past two weeks, so that has been nice. I had about a 7 week break between 22 and 29 weeks and then at 29 weeks the morning sickness came back, but what can you do.

Gavin has been really affectionate towards my belly. He always asks to see it and then he will hug and kiss my belly and then just sit there with his hand on it. He likes to bring toys and set them on top of me so that his brother can play with him and he keeps asking if brother is ready to come. I am so excited for him to have a little brother, but I am sure it is going to be rough for the first bit. With only 5-6 weeks left I feel like I can actually start preparations now, which feels good, and a little overwhelming. We have finally picked a name, hopefully, but don't bother asking because we are not telling until he comes! :)

Well, I guess that was our February, kind of busy. I am worried that March won't go by as quickly but I will try and keep as busy as possible.