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We met in April of 2008 at BYU-Idaho. 4 months later we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on August 22, 2008. We moved to Colorado in June of 2010, bought our first house there in 2013. And now we have moved to Las Vegas, NV to start our next adventure. We have two active boys with a little girl on the way!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Belong To The Church Of Jesus Christ

So, a few nights ago I was laying in bed reading the Ensign while Zac and Gavin were asleep. I must admit that I am not doing as well on my scripture reading but I do read the Ensign quite regularly so at least I am getting some spiritual enlightenment. :)
Anyways, in the back of the September issue it talks about members using the internet to share the gospel. I know that there have been many times that I have not posted things for the mere fact that I don't want to share too much. And I don't want it to be all about the gospel. After I read the article I thought, why do I do this? I love that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it is everything that I am and everything that my family is. When I was younger I LOVED to invite my friends to church or mutual and I remember giving a Book of Mormon to more than one of them, and then as I got older, it became much harder. I really struggle with sharing the gospel with others and I don't know why. Something is definitely holding me back.
My stake has really been working on inviting non-members to church or other activities and they ask how many of us have invited anyone each week. Everytime I sit there and think, I don't even know a single person outside my ward, how am I supposed to invite anyone? This is no excuse because I live in a building with like 20 apartments and we are the only members. So why am I so scared to talk to people?
Well I have decided that I want our blog to represent more of the church. I know that probably the only people that read this are already members, but you never know, maybe someone else will stumble upon my blog one day, and I want them to know that I LOVE this gospel. I also want to encourage anyone else who is willing, to do this on their blog as well. How many times have you been on a craft blog or other where you wonder is this person LDS? Well, I know I have. Why do we hide it, because we are worried about offending someone, or for some other reason? We should be willing to let everyone know that we are members of this amazing church that allows people the opportunity to obtain happiness for eternity! How can we prevent others from the opportunity to receive such a gift? You never know when you will plant a small seed in someone's heart that will create a desire to learn more about the church. I hope that I can be a better member missionary and that I will be able to find opportunities where I am ready to share the gospel.
For more information about the LDS church please visit:

A First

Well, it had to happen eventually, and when I say eventually I mean that I wanted it to happen much later, but it was inevitable. When Gavin was born he didn't have much hair, it was there, but not much, and even as he continued to grow it still didn't grow very much. By four months it was still quite short but he was growing so fast. EVERYONE has been telling me that he needs a haircut for quite some time now. But, I just couldn't bring myself to do it, I told Zac it was the only baby piece of him that I had left. And then about two months ago I was watching Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood and it was their little boy Liam's third birthday and he got his 1st haircut! Ok, now that is a little extreme, but I didn't feel so bad that Gavin hadn't had a haircut yet. I think in the last two or three weeks Zac has mentioned cutting Gavin's hair at least once a day. And then Gavin turned 10 months on Friday, and by Saturday Zac wasn't giving me the option anymore. So I did it, I cut Gavin's hair (tear), so at 10 months old my baby has his first haircut and he looks so grown up now that I can't stand it. As much as I was trying to keep him looking like a baby it is all gone now. But, I hope to everyone's delight, he now has a haircut.
Earlier in the day at the park, and FYI, Zac got a haircut that night too. :)
Just before I cut his hair, he was asleep and Zac thought he would sleep through it, I knew otherwise and of course he woke up right away.

Just after. You can tell that he was very unhappy with me and cried through the whole thing. It certainly isn't perfect, but it is a huge difference.

I have so much to do in getting ready for Halloween that time is going to fly by and before we know it Gavin will be 1!

We were watching Playhouse Disney this morning and he was standing right in front of the TV like always when Choo Choo Soul came on. I looked down and Gavin was tapping his right foot to the beat of the music, seriously! It was the cutest thing. This boy LOVES to dance and listen to music, I have feeling he is really going to enjoy nursery when he finally gets there.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gavin's Stats

We just had Gavin's 9 month appointment and he is 22lbs 14oz. and they said he is still 29 1/2 inches but I think he wasn't stretched out enough because his clothes definitely do not fit the same. Overall he is in about the 75th percentile for everything, I am definitely grateful that his growing has started to slow down a bit. :) Remember I have been carrying around a 20lb baby for about 5 months now. He is such a wonderful baby and a HUGE trouble maker.
And to show the cute hats and booties I made for my nephews:
Here is the headboard of the bed I worked on with my Mom

And this is the footboard (She has finished it but this is what I helped with)


On August 22nd Zac and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. I asked him if the time has gone by faster or slower than the two years of his mission, he said it was the same so I don't really know what to make of that.

It seems like we have accomplished so much in the last two years, 2 Bachelors degrees, 1 baby, and moving to a new city. It is crazy to think that after two short years of marriage we are already paying off student loans and working towards buying a house! I feel like we have officially entered adulthood.

I cannot think of another time in my life where I have been as happy as I have been the last two years. I feel so lucky that I get to be married to my best friend, you are the love of my life, the joy in my everyday, and my companion for eternity, I love you sweetheart.



Zac's parent came up on the 20th for a surprise visit and were able to go to the Zoo with us and they watched Gavin for us while we went out to dinner on Saturday night. It was great to see them and we are grateful that they made the trip.

Grandma and Gavin

Zac is being a Monkey (in case you were wondering)

My Boys

I just love my little family