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We met in April of 2008 at BYU-Idaho. 4 months later we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on August 22, 2008. We moved to Colorado in June of 2010, bought our first house there in 2013. And now we have moved to Las Vegas, NV to start our next adventure. We have two active boys with a little girl on the way!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seriously......6 more weeks?!?

Well, another few weeks have gone by! I cannot believe that I have less than 50 days left of pregnancy, actually it is down to 40! I am so ready to be comfortable again, and be able to lay on my back or sit on the couch without being in pain the whole time! Today I was doing dishes, a task which my wonderful husband tries to do for me, but I realized why it hurts my back so much. It is because I cannot stand up against the counter anymore. My belly probably juts out like 8 inches in front of me so I have ot lean forward to compensate and therefore I am hunched the entire time I stand at the counter washing (we don't have a dishwasher). Oh well.
The other day Zac told me that I needed to go get an epidural and have this baby, I told him that wouldn't help. I need pitocin for that! He told me that we would go get some pitocin and he would take it too :). I laughed. I am happy to see that he is getting so excited, he reminds me everyday now that we are going to have a baby :). I think that he is just as ready to see this little boy as I am.
I keep wondering if I will actually be ready to do this again in a year and half, I would like to have our kids fairly close so that they can go to school together. But, I am doubting right now that I will be ready for this pain again so soon. I started my tennis class a few weeks ago, and I really love it. It has been nice to learn how to really play and hit the ball. But, I will say that I have that pregnancy waddle after class because my muscles in my lower back are so sore from the activity. The best part is that I play tennis for 3 1/2-4 hours a week, plus walking around campus, I feel like I am getting some pretty good exercise in my last trimester.
Zac tells me that he likes to spend his time in the baby section at Macy's now because he likes to look at all the clothes and he is tempted to buy things all the time, which is saying something because my husband hates to spend money. We are having a baby shower this weekend with Zac's family and I am excited to be able to get some cute things. We grow more excited everyday for our 'new addition.'

Here is a picture that we took a few weeks ago, I am about 32 1/2 weeks here. I was doing clinicals last week for school, and almost every patient I saw asked me when I was due, one lady even asked me when my 'soccer ball' was due :)


  1. YAY! I'm really excited too! Your shower is going to be the bomb! haha You'll definately get cute stuff from me and Amanda!

  2. Once you hold the baby in your arms you will be ready to do it all over again. The problem is now that I'm pregnant I am seriously considering not having more kids, but know that feeling will fade when as soon as I hold our new baby. Just hang in there the last 6 weeks or more if late.

  3. Sorry that Brian I can't make it to your shower. As you know it is not very comfortable to travel right now.
    I hope that you have a bast and I know that you will get a lot of cute and needed things.

  4. just hope you know how beautiful you look as a pregnant woman! i now you;ll be a great mom! lets just hope your little guy will come sooner than later!