Thursday, May 28, 2009

Warm Weather!

Well I promised that I would post a pregnancy picture and I have kind of been waiting until there was actually one to take. It seems like just over the weekend I started to show so here is the little that I have. I am still at the point where no one knows unless we've told them but I am still have five more months to go. So I guess I shouldn't be in any hurry. Sorry that it's not that great, and you can only see it if I pull my clothes tight, but this is the best I can do for now.

We went to the park on tuesday because there was no school. It was so nice to sit there for a few hours and enjoy the wonderful weather that is so uncommon here. :) I love summer and the heat, Zac hates it and it is kind of a problem sometimes I don't know of any geographical location that we could live in that would make us both happy. Who knows, but today I decided that we should walk to school which was nice until we had to walk back home around 2:00 and now I have a sunburn, I guess I should have planned better, but it was great exercise.

Zac finally broke down and had me cut his hair. I hate doing it because I do not in any way feel capable. What do I know about cutting hair...NOTHING! Anyways we were both in shock at how much hair there was to cut off. It was crazy, but he looks great now.


  1. You are such a beautiful pregnant person! And so tiny!!!

  2. If you really want to know how to cut hair I could teach you sometime! Congrats on your tiny bulge! We really hope we get to see you this summer!

  3. i can't believe your almost half way though and u only look lik that... crazy woman!... im so happy for you 2 though!!!

  4. Again, Congratulations Chelsea. you really should call me some time 775-293-3131 I miss you!!!!.....

    Love, Carime