Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Stuff

Well, we haven't had too much going on. We watched the finales of a few shows last week. The Celebrity Apprentice which Zac got into this year was kind of lame, we were sad that Joan Rivers won, but really it won't have any affect on us because it doesn't matter. And then my favorite The Biggest Loser finale was AWESOME! I was so happy with those that won! Helen won the $250,000 and I was so glad because I was really irritated with Mike and Tara because they were all about the money. Zac says there was no way she could win but I had hope, YAY! And then I kept trying to think of who was going to win the at home $100,000. We had favorites from the season like Sione but figured the winner would probably be someone else. I didn't even think about Jerry, the oldest contestant ever. When he walked out at the beginning I was in shock and kept saying, "I can't believe how good he looks!" I was truly amazed! We were so excited that he won, I thought he deserved it, Zac thought maybe he had a disease or something and that's why he lost so much, but they are monitored by doctors and I don't think they would count it if that were the case. We also saw The Office finale, Pam and Jim are pregnant and we are excited to see what the new season brings!
Anyways, tonight is my last clinical for the semester, YAY! I hate working nights, and more than that, I hate nights in the ICU. It is so boring it is hard enough to stay awake through 12 hours in the middle of the night when you have nothing to do. And on top of that, this pregnancy is making me sooooooo tired. I swear if I do not sleep a minimum of 10 hours a night I physically cannot function. I don't have time to sleep 10 hours every night. Luckily Zac will let me sleep in as long as possible, but I am always tired. I kills me that we have 9:00 church because my body isn't ready to wake up yet. My theory is that my body is trying to stock up on sleep because once the baby comes it will be years before I get to sleep through the night.

I went up to sing with the choir yesterday and when I sat back down Zac told me that people will never believe that I am really pregnant because I am skinnier now than I was when we met. I am not really sure how to take that, but he says I have lost a lot of weight. So needless to say it has been almost 4 months and I am nowhere close to maternity clothes. I know I should be grateful, I am sure Zac is because I like to shop and I am waiting until I start showing to get myh maternity wardrobe :), but it just doesn't seem completely real yet. I have had an ultrasound and I have heard the heart beat but I don't know. I probably should be grateful that there are no stretch marks yet, and I am just getting to the point where I am uncomfortable most of the time and I don't sleep well. But enough of my complaining.

We are doing really well and adjusting to school, and can you believe that midterms are the end of next week. I think the semesters get shorter everytime I am in school! Zac is enjoying his new calling, and I LOVE primary, I miss Relief Society, but it is so fun to be around the little kids. And the Dancing with the Stars finale starts tonight I love it, if you haven't been watching watch tonight!


  1. Chelsea, so many things to tell you. 1) HELEN SHOULD HAVE LOST! She sent her daughter home before her! She is an awful woman!!! I couldn't stand Tara throughout the whole show, but I would rather her win that disgraceful Helen! Poor Shannon!!! 2) I cried during the office 3) I wanted Joan Rivers to win, and yes, that show is such a waste! haha! I am embarrassed to say that I watched it! 4) I love hearing about your pregnancy. It makes me want to tell you all about my experiences and what I learned, etc. haha! Probably like every other mommy out there?

  2. Chelsea, just wait, once you get into maternity clothes it seems be forever before you get out of them. We love you and are glad that your busy life is going so well.

  3. man, i know like 20 girls that are pregnant right now and its making me want to get pregnant for all the wrong reasons! oh and dont worry about losing weight right now,its actually kinda common. one of my very best girlfriends in CA actually lost alot of weightduring her first trimester and after she had her baby, she was skinnier then before she was pregnant. and then another girlfriend only gained like 15 lbs and had a healthy baby girl! i guess its different for every pregnant lady! glad to hear your doing well!