Saturday, November 2, 2013

September & October

In September Gavin started Preschool. We are just doing a Mommy Preschool with some families in our ward, but Gavin enjoys it, and it is nice that he gets interaction with other kids on a more regular basis. Things have just been busy with work, church and school so not too much to tell.

#18 all the way!

And Grandma came for a few days. The boys love it when she comes, and we even saw Planes while she was here.

In October of course we enjoyed Conference, and a bunch of the girls came over to my house during Priesthood Session and we made growth charts to hang up. The Hreinsons are moving in November so we have to get as much time with them as possible. No pictures though.
And then of course Halloween. The boys went as Mario and Luigi. Zac was anti costume this year, so I made t-shirts for us to wear. Mine had Princess Peach, which I forgot to get a picture of, and Zac was Bowser. These pictures are awful, but they are all that I have. Sorry.

This was part of a photo contest at Boo at the Zoo.

 And this is a horrible picture, but the boys have their mustaches on, so I had to share.

Happy Halloween!

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