Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013

Well, the boys and I started off this month with a trip to Las Vegas for our Reid Family Reunion. It was a lot of fun and Uncle Kyle and Aunt Tami did a great job organizing it. The first day we did an Amazing Race around the valley to some of the places where my mom and her family grew up and where Grandpa worked and other things. It was a lot of fun, although we got confused about some of it and ended up in last place. We also went to the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix one day and had lunch and rode the rides and played arcade games. Gavin, really enjoyed that one. The rest of the family went out to the Hoover Dam tour, and my family went to the Town Square Las Vegas where the kids played for a little bit. We figured we had too many kids to try and wrangle through a tour. Uncle Brad had a bouncy castle set up in his backyard for the three days that we were there. And Gavin was over the moon about it. He spent pretty much all his time in there. The last day we celebrated Easter with egg and bucket decorating and an Easter Egg hunt. It was great to see all of my extended family, many of whom I haven't seen in quite a few years.

We stayed a few extra days, because our plane tickets were much cheaper if we flew home Tuesday instead of Sunday. So what did we do? My mom drove the boys and I to spend a day at Disneyland. It was great! But I have to say, one day just isn't enough to do it all. We did ride the new Cars ride and it was amazing! Gavin keeps asking everyday if we can go back. The sad part about the whole weekend was that Zac had to work, so he couldn't come with us. That would have made it the best.
The night we got to California, we went and ate in Downtown Disney and walked around for a bit.

 These are the boys matching outfits for Disneyland.

 We met Mickey!

 And of course the after, they were tired!

We have also closed on our house and are all moved in. It was a stressful few days, but I am grateful to all of our Barrus Family for coming down to help us. We couldn't have done it without you! From the water line overflowing and having to get it snaked to the refrigerator being a 1/4 of an inch too tall to fit under the cabinet, I would have been more than overwhelmed to have handled it all by myself. Not to mention the fact that I took Wesley in for his 1 year check up and he hasn't gained like any weight in the last 9 months, and we were at the office for 2 hours while they did a bunch of tests to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with him.

Of course, we celebrated Wesley's birthday! We had a little party at our apartment right before the move, and then another one while family was in town. I can't believe that he is already 1! I am not ready for my baby to not be a baby anymore. But man that kid just wants to be like his big brother. He is so funny and keeps us laughing all the time. And I love him more each and every day.

Happy Birthday Wesley!

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