Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gavin's 3rd Birthday

I know I have missed like the last two months, but I figured I would post about one of the loves of my life first.

GAVIN! That's right, he turned 3!
Where has the time gone. I can still remember every part of the day I had him, and I what I felt like taking him home. It seems so surreal that he has been apart of our family for 3 years. He is definitely one of the joys of our lives and brings so much happiness into our home. One thing I have to say about boys, they are SO loving! I love that Gavin still wants me to hold him and love him all the time. He is my buddy, and always tells me I am his best friend. It is hard to think that anyone else could ever love him as much as I do.

34 lbs. 4oz (75%)
38 3/4in (80%)

How did my baby go from this

to this?

Here are some pictures from Gavin's birthday. Sorry they are not great, with a bunch of kids running around it is hard to take time to take pictures. We had a Superhero Party and all of Gavin's friends were able to come. The kids each put their capes and decorated their masks when they arrived. We played Pin the Shield on Captain America, matched villains to their superheroes, and knocked down pins(2-liter bottles) with pictures of villains on them. We had lunch and opened presents. I hope Gavin had fun, he definitely was spoiled, but I love to spoil my kids. :)

Here are some of the capes, we also had Incredibles, Wonder Woman, and Captain America. Thanks Alana for all your help with them! 

 Some friends

Along with their capes and masks, these were the favor bags. A Superhero coloring/sticker book, crayons, superhero fruit snacks, and some candy.

Thank you to all those who came and made Gavin's birthday so special!

Some things I would like to remember about Gavin:
He sleeps on the floor in his doorway and then moves to the floor in our room in the middle of the night.
He chews on anything plastic and eats it (I am hoping he grows out of this soon!)
He loves to sing along to the songs on the radio. He also tries to sing along to the hymns. 
He cries when we leave the church because he wants to play with his friends longer.
He loves the iPad and Youtube
He loves to dance to any music.
He eats chicken nuggets, octodogs, fruitsnacks, apples, milk and juice (that's about it) and anything candy!
He loves Wesley, even when he is ornery, if Wesley smiles at him he is happy.
He always wants you to come in his room, closet, or tent and keep you in there to play with him. He will cry if you try to leave.
He likes to compliment on my clothes and hair.
Potty trained at 26 months.
When he needs to go to potty he is the king of the potty dance.

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