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We met in April of 2008 at BYU-Idaho. 4 months later we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on August 22, 2008. We moved to Colorado in June of 2010, bought our first house there in 2013. And now we have moved to Las Vegas, NV to start our next adventure. We have two active boys with a little girl on the way!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Party

So this year I asked Zac if I could have a Halloween Party and he said YES! I was so excited. I don't think that he quite realized what it meant when he said yes, but he sure thought I was crazy by the end of it. I LOVE to plan parties but I always tend to do too much that I stress for days and worry about whether or not anyone will come and many numerous other things. But when the party ended, I was happy with how it turned out. I just hope that everyone who came enjoyed themselves. I figured that as adults we don't get to dress up and enjoy Halloween as much as when we were kids, so why not have a party.

I made these invitations: Zac told me I could only use materials that I alread had to make them so this is what I came up with. I am acutally quite happy with how they turned out.

We played a game with Halloween words or phrases on our back that we had to try and figure out, a finish the spooky phrase game, we gave each couple two rolls of toilet paper and they had to make the fastest mummy, and we ended with Err Vroom. I was surprised with how well some of them did on Err Vroom, they had to just end the game because they were doing so well. Zac said that is what happens when you play with Masters students.

And a list of the goodies we had: Oreo Truffles, Carmel Brownie Bites, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, Frappe, Wassail, Apples, Veggies & Dip, and a bowl of halloween candy. I think all I ate during the party was a few carrots and apples, but there was WAY too much food left over so I have had my share of sweets.

Now I am looking forward to what we can plan for Christmas. :)

Here are just a few pictures of the decorations. We also had streamers up and I forgot to take a picture of the food table but oh well.

Our front door:

These were hanging above the food table:

And this was the one wall that I decorated:

This is how our mantel has looked since the beginning of September because I was just ready for Fall, sad to say that it hadn't shown its face until last week, but we sure enjoyed the warm weather while it lasted.

And I apparantly left a bag of cookies hanging over the edge of the counter top and Gavin decided he would help himself to them. I walked over to the kitchen to find him like this. He didn't seem to mind that he was sitting in a mound of crushed pumpking chocolate chip cookies.


  1. Where's the pictures of the people and costumes? It sounds like you had fun, great job!

  2. Too cute!!! You are way too creative, it just makes me look bad. I'm glad you got to have a party, especially with Gavin being so little you don't do a lot of "fun" halloween stuff.

  3. Such a fun party! Im so glad we were able to dress up and get together! Thanks again for a great time!

    And where are some pictures of our fabulous outfits?!

  4. That's great that you got to have a party!! Dell let me have a Halloween party too! Cute blog! I love your ghost and goblin picture!