Thursday, June 9, 2011


Here is my cute boy! Can you believe how much he is growing?

Gavin and I have been making frequent trips to the zoo lately. He really enjoys it, and loves to make the animal sounds whenever we see one that he knows.

For Memorial weekend we flew out to Salt Lake, for Zac's uncles wedding. We are so happy for him and his new wife, and it was great to see the family again. Thanks Nancy for letting us all camp out at your house!
The luncheon was at Tucano's at The Gateway. Great food! After lunch we walked around, and Gavin enjoyed making his first Build-a-Bear. He fell asleep with it on the way home. :)
I think that he found the process interesting, but really just cared about holding the bear. Zac named him Roar on the birth certificate. :) Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

And last Saturday we made our way up to Breckenridge, CO with some of our friends. One of our friends tutors a girl at DU whose parents own this beautiful house. So everyone went up for the weekend. We only drove up and back on Saturday, but it was tons of fun to spend the day with everyone, and we are glad that they let us come up.
This is the house that we stayed at. It had a hot tub, theater room, pool table, as well as a library, a wine room and a TV in like every room. We all agreed that it was nice, but not really a practical house for our taste.
All of our friends that were able to come.
The Olson's
The Hreinson's
The Mitchell's
The Palmer's
Mary Lynn (her husband came up later)
and US!

Next up, my 23rd birthday on Saturday. I LOVE birthday's, it is probably silly, but I really do. I can't believe I am turning 23 though, that is how old Zac was when we met and were married. I remember thinking how old 23 sounded at the time. Sometime's I forget that I really am old enough to be an adult. Maybe it is because I just love and enjoy life so much! :)

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