Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quiet Book Update

I feel like I should post about something, but my camera has died, and of course, I cannot find the power cord ANYWHERE. I just used it in November so I have no idea where it has gotten too. BUT I need to find it so that I can post about the finished quiet books. They are all done. And I made 4 books total, well 2 separate books, doubled. I sent one set of 2 to my sister Melanie for Christmas for her boys. And then I have another set for Gavin. Of course they are not perfect, but I am really proud of my accomplishments. SO hopefully in the next few days I can find this power cord and get my post up. I will also link up all the sites that I used to make the books.
Other than that, Zac has been working a lot due to year end and Gavin and I have been hanging out at home. I swear he learns something new everyday. He is such a smart and rambunctious little boy.

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  1. The same thing happened to me last fall and we had to buy a new one,I never did find it. Can you put the memory card from your camera in your computer and get the pictures that way?