Monday, August 23, 2010

Ely and a 9 MONTH OLD!

So much has gone on in the last few weeks I feel like I am incredibly behind on all of my blogging. So hopefully I will just hit on the most important points so that this post doesn't take me forever!
Well starting at the end of July some of my family started heading up to my parents house. We found out about the beginning of July that all of my siblings were getting together at my parents house for a week before April, James and Everett moved to China. So I knew that we had to be there too. Of course Zac we knew that we couldn't have Zac take a whole week off of work so Gavin and I made the trip by ourselves, but don't worry, we flew! There was no way I was going to drive 11 hours each way wiht only Gavin and myself, I am sure we would not have made it in one piece. I was a little stressed about flying and getting through the airport with Gavin, but all was fine, and they even gave Zac a non-boarding pass that allowed him to go through security and then wait with us at the gate, such a blessing!

So we left on the 7th and met my family in Vegas. We left early Sunday morning to drive to Caliente and attended the baby blessing of Bryton. After dinner we headed up to Ely where we definitely had a house full for a week.

While there we were able to celebrate Trevor's Eagle Court of Honor, my Mom and I built a bed and we even took a very long trip to find a Hot Springs where Gavin and I got quite the sun-burn. On the 14th we drove back to Vegas and Selina and I both flew home with our kids. It was a great week to see my family, and Gavin sure loved all of the cousins and enjoyed them any chance he was able, which wasn't always a good thing. He is so used to being the youngest, and then there were three babies younger than him, so it was quite the adventure. The only thing that would have made this trip better was if Zac could have been there with us.
At the Hot Springs
Some Family Pictures
7 children, now 7 grandchildren
The only ones missing from our growing family were Zac, Bobby, and Alex.
9 months old! And, while in Ely our beautiful baby turned 9 months! I seriously can't believe it, pregnancy did not go by this fast and here we are. He LOVES any kind of food that comes off our plate and not out of a baby food jar. Especially yogurt, and he has come to love graham crackers and most any bread. But basically he is just ready to eat real food. I am still breastfeeding (sorry TMI), and I am worried about weaning, it will certainly be a tough time in the Barrus household. He still only has 4 teeth and enjoys biting (ouch!). He has not made too much progress with walking, but his balance gets better everyday as he walks along the furniture and the walls. He is tall with crazy long hair that everyone says I should cut, I am just not ready yet. We worked for about two weeks to let him cry himself to sleep. By the end of the first week, things were fine, then by the end of the second week he was back to crying for 2 hours before I would pick him up because I couldn't take it anymore. So he is currently sleeping in our bed, and he has been quite sick this last week which has made it even worse, but as soon as he gets better we will be back to the crying. And yes, my baby still wakes up two to three times a night. You mother's with babies who sleep through the night, I envy you!


  1. We loved seeing you and Gavin at Mom's house. I'm sure the next time we get together Gavin, Kamry, and Bryton will be able to play together a little better. As for weening, it wasn't too bad because Richie loved eating real food too much and didn't have the patience for breastfeeding. Then I just had to cut out the nighttime feedings (which are hardest because we're so tired). My baby doesn't sleep through the night either, and she often ends up in my bed as well. Goodluck to you!

  2. Oh my goodness I can't believe Gavin is 9 months! That is crazy. I'm sorry about the sleeping...I know how it goes....I hope you guys are doing great and we miss ya guys!