Friday, April 9, 2010

Sick and 5 Months

Well, not horribly sick. I haven't been feeling welll since Sunday. You know just a cold: sore throat, fever, headache. All that fun stuff. Plus, Gavin is seriously teething so he is not sleeping well. So feeling sick and unable to get some good rest, results in being sick longer. So we have pretty much sat at home all week. Except for a few places we had to go. Zac even stayed home from work on Tuesday which was helpful, but I just ended up cleaning all day while he watched Gavin. Anyway, we have lots to update on. Most importantly we have a 5 month old! Well, tomorrow anyway. I can't believe how the time has gone. Gavin is amazing and does so much everyday. He babbles ALL the time, which is lots of fun, he rolls over, tries to sit up and pull himself up, he also wants to crawl so badly but can't quite figure it out yet. So instead he gives up and yells for someone to help him :). His favorite song is Zippity Do Da. Of course, we only know like one line so we sing that part over and over again. And he LOVES food. We did a little cereal, but I don't think he likes the taste, but he really loves the real stuff. He is great with the spoon. Those are just some updates of our wonderful boy. Here are the stats, we went to the Dr. yesterday: Height and weight is the 99th percentile. Meaning that 99% of kids his age are smaller than he is. He is 20lbs 12oz., and 28in tall. I know BIG kid, but he is so cute. And he looks great, according to the Dr. He even said that Gavin is such a beautiful baby that he should be on a magazine cover or something. I am sure he was just being polite, but of course I think my baby is gorgeous, so I will take it as a compliment. When everyone, and I mean EVERYONE tells you how beautiful your baby is it must be true right? (yeah, I know, just let me believe it). Here are the pics.
Taken today, just about 5 months old.
We just bought Gavin a crib after sleeping in the craddle, he needed A LOT more room. So we picked it up last Thursday and I finished the bumber on Wednesday.
I convinced Zac to let me buy Easter Church Clothes. We wore them the week before Easter because we were having our Easter Program for the choir. Here are my boys ready for church.
I love Gavin's shirt it just screams Spring, which is supposed to be coming :).


  1. He is WAY cute Chels!!! I hope you start feeling better.

  2. Love thie pics! He is getting sooo big! We can't wait to see you at the end of the month!

  3. wow! he looks great and looks like he is filling into himself! hope you feel better! I have been sick too all this week with almost everything...sore throat, runny nose, congestion, you name it. Remember to take time for yourself, which I guess Zumba would be great way to spend it!

  4. Your baby boy is waaaaaay cute!!! He is definitely a big boy, but he has the cutest smile ever!