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We met in April of 2008 at BYU-Idaho. 4 months later we were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on August 22, 2008. We moved to Colorado in June of 2010, bought our first house there in 2013. And now we have moved to Las Vegas, NV to start our next adventure. We have two active boys with a little girl on the way!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Work or NOT To Work?

That certainly is the question. I have been thinking about going to work. Of course I have thought about since we first found out that Gavin was coming. I wondered when would be a good time to leave my baby and use my education. To be honest, I almost would like to work so that I can make good use o fmy wonderful 4 year college education, and because I LOVE nursing. But, deep down in my heart, I just want to be a mom. I DON'T want to leave Gavin yet. He grows so much each day and I don't want to miss the first time he crawls or walks or anything else.
BUT.... I feel like I have such a wonderful husband who gives everything to us. Somedays he is gone over 14 hours to work. And we miss him so much. And then I just go out an spend all the money he makes on groceries or other items that we need. And I feel like I never give back to him. That I just take all the time and never contribute. Even Zac has told me this is silly and that I do so much for the family. But I just don't feel that way. Is it really so much to take care of the house and of him and Gavin? I am not sure why I feel like this is not enough. Maybe because I have a great degree and I am not using it, so I feel guilty? I really wish that I knew and I wasn't having such a hard time with this. I am sure I am not the only wife/mother who has felt this way. I guess that is why so many women sell things like Scentsy or Mary Kay. It is a way to give women a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to contribute. I am horrible at selling things though. I'm just not ambitious enough. Who knows, hopefully and can learn to feel like I am contributing more.

In the meantime hear are my recent projects.
Felt Heart: idea found here
Legos Wall Art: I actually don't know where Courtney found this ideaQuilted Coasters: idea found here
Super easy project!

And the reveal, haha. This is what I did with the shelves I bought last month. Zac told me that he thought it was going to look bad with what I described but he really likes how it turned out.

This is the third one that I placed next to the couch.


  1. That is a hard question...I can understand, because it would be hard to let those years of pain, tears and blood (literally) spilt over nursing not go to use. I don't know if this will help, but when I have children I am planning on working two nights a month. This way my kids don't have to go into daycare (which the idea terrifies me!) and this way I can still keep my licsense incase I ever have to use it. Good luck with your decision making! Pray about it too. You will figure it out :)

  2. I had to go back to work when Emily was 2 months old, I hate it because she has to go to a daycare. If you choose to work I would recommend getting a job were Zac can watch him when you work. That way you know he his being watched and taken care of the way you want. And it's a great way for Gavin and Zac to bond even more. Good luck with what ever you choose to do :)

  3. You definately want to keep up your license, because you never know what will happen in the future. You are really lucky to have an option to work or stay home. It was/is really hard for me to be a good mom and a working mom. My house is never kept up, which I don't keep it up all the time when I'm home but it's much worse when I work. We ate out all the time because I was too tired to come home and fix dinner, which is why we never had any money. You have a wonderful husband who works hard to allow you to stay home; not everyone has that option. If you choose to work full-time something has to give because you are human and can't do it all. Maybe you can just work a couple nights a month, or whatever it takes to keep your licensing and realize that cooking and cleaning really does contribute to your families happiness. I love you and hope you can figure out the best decision for you and your family.

  4. I can totally understand where you are coming from. I feel that way some days too. Why did we got to college and get Bachelor degrees to not use them, right? I am grateful to get to stay home with Zoey though. I wouldn't want anyone else to raise or teach her. Don't feel bad, you are doing the most important thing you possibly could be doing and that is staying home with your son. He will learn so much from you and he is so lucky to have you home with him. And look at all the fun, cute crafts you get to do while you are home. :)

  5. I've thought about what to do as well, I've considered substituting or being an aid for only a few hours a week so that I can be home most of the time and Dell could take over when I have to go. Our greatest calling is to be a mom, so I think that is where we should spend most of our time. Dell really likes it when I am home because the house does stay in order better because I am not so tired after work. Luckily nursing is more flexible than teaching as you can work nights, or only a few nights a month. I would definitely keep your license current, but only do the minimum you have to so that you can be home with your cute little boy...they grow up sooooooo fast!
    And super cute crafts/decorations that you are doing. Your house looks great!!

  6. Such cute decorations! I love your house! You have such style! Can you come decorate mine?